The ProDebug plugin for Unity gives the developer professional grade debugging tools for their Unity project, enabling you to develop higher quality applications more quickly and efficiently. Included are the following components:

  • Hierarchical GUI debug menu system, great for quickly constructing a functional UI (or debug UI hooks) for your application.
  • Menu JSON: click here to view the menu JSON source code - creating debug menus was never easier!
  • C# debug command executor, which can be used as an extremely powerful command input system.
  • Enhanced drop-in replacement for the UnityEngine.Debug class, providing high-performance, customizable logging facilities and assert methods.
  • The demo includes an example crash reporting system, which allows crash reports to be sent to an HTTP server as well as optionally email.
  • Written entirely in C# - compatible with all Unity target platforms.
  • NOTE: enable your JavaScript debug console to view runtime debug logging generated by this demo.
  • Download the ProDebug manual to learn more about what this plugin has to offer your Unity project.
  • Are you ready to improve the quality of your C# code by 5000%?
    Download ProDebug Now from the Unity Asset Store!

  • Click on these buttons to learn about some of the things you can try in this demo of the ProDebug plugin
  • NOTE: if you don't see a Unity game view window below, check that your browser supports Unity Plugins or WebGL. Your Javascript console may have more information, too.
  • NOTE: WebGL builds will not display call-stack information for debug / exception events. This is a known issue with Unity3D's WebGL implementation.
  • Standalone Demos:

Click on the buttons above to learn about just a few of the many different things you can try in this demo of the ProDebug plugin!

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