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SpriteWorld ++ This is a C++ derivative of the very popular SpriteWorld 2 library of Macintosh sprite game routines, written in C and assembly. SpriteWorld++ is a C++ / object-oriented implementation of SpriteWorld2, which we have used in our Sprite Fight game series. SpriteWorld++ was used for the Sprite Fight 2001 Plugin, and is being used in future Sprite Fight games. SpriteWorld++ is available free and comes with complete source code, demo programs, and documentation in HTML!
XSpriteWorld ++ New!XSpriteWorld++ is SpriteWorld++ for the X-Windows & MS Windows95/NT platofrms. XSpriteWorld++ was developed using the Qt GUI Library by Troll Tech AS. Of course, XSpriteWorld++ is available free and comes with complete source code, demo programs, and documentation in HTML.
2K5 - Combat Gaming System for Power Macintosh and Linux. This game is the latest in DoomHammer's arsenal of combat games, descended from the Sprite Fight game series. Currently being developed for PowerPC Macintosh systems, with a Linux port underway as well; both use the SpriteWorld++ animation engine, and feature optional network play as well as all the usual features one could ask for in a commercial-quality side-scrolling combat game; check it out!
MojoHTTP Web Server Software New!This is a new web server software we are developing just for the fun of it, written in Java. Feel free to drop by and check it out (not available at all times)...
Tricky's Macintosh Web Server This is a Macintosh that is set up running a web/ftp server at Tricky's house over a PPP modem connection. It is hosted on a PowerMac running MkLinux. Here you can find:
  • Programs for MkLinux / LinuxPPC by the DoomHammer team
  • All the old Sprite Fight / Sprite Fight 2002 games and related files by the DoomHammer team
  • Many other software utilities and tidbits for your enjoyment :-)
Orgrim's Domain This is Orgrim's happy place (Orgrim is 1/2 of the DoomHammer team). The University of Nebraska - Lincoln's Computer Science Department has given him this space, which he uses as a forum to preach his "Gospel According to Orgrim", so be sure to check it out.
How to Turn Your Mac Into A Web Server This page gives step-by-step instructions on turning your Macintosh OS computer into a full-featured World Wide Web server - anything from a Mac Plus on up will do just fine. Your Mac can be up and running as a Web server in under 15 minutes. It's worth reading!

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